Peer-to-peer learning solutions for fundamental movement skills.

Move Improve is an application that provides an opportunity to learn through giving and receiving feedback from peers. By increasing engagement and collaboration, students can deepen their ability to learn.

Using video performance technology, combined with embedded curriculum, Move Improve breaks physical skills into easily comprehended components, allowing for learning through teaching and simple evaluation tools for teachers.

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I began piloting Move Improve with my grade 2 students in the spring of 2017.  The app provided the students with the independence and confidence to take their learning and refinement of their fundamental movement skills into their own hands.  The students were highly engaged when using the app in physical education.  The students were easily able to navigate the app with only 1 training session and example.  It provided an excellent opportunity for peer formative assessment.  I noticed a significant improvement in skill acquisition especially from students who normally struggle with their basic skills.  I highly encourage educators and coaches to use this app with their students and athletes.

- Chris Shaw, Physical Education Specialist


Peer-to-Peer Assessment


Delivery of curriculum in an engaging question based format that encourages vibrant and motivated discussion between learners.


Physical Literacy Curriculum


Builds 12 key physical literacy skills for young learners that improve physical and cognitive ability


Structured Video Analysis


Live video capture coupled with a library of movement skills enables side-by-side analysis of learner execution of fundamental movement skill


Supported by in-depth research, Move Improve is on the forefront of digital learning tools.



developing physical literacy

by dwayne sheehan & dr. larry katz

fun innovative time breaks  

by dr. Larry Katz, Dr. Tish Doyle Baker, Dr. Fredy Iuni, & Dr. Joanne Helm

flow theory & intrinsic motivation

by dwayne sheehan & dr. larry katz

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Move Improve began as a passion project of Dr. Larry Katz, an award-winning developer and producer of interactive multimedia applications, and professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. As an educational psychologist, Dr. Katz has always had a keen interest in how people learn and how human performance can be improved through innovation and technology. After years of research and testing, Move Improve is his most exciting project to date, creating a convergence of peer-to-peer learning and human performance technological innovations.