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overcome the fear of injury for free with the injury prevention for runners mobile app powered by move improve.


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Aren’t you tired of FEAR OF INJURY stopping you from living the active life you want?

You deserve to stop living in paranoia, thinking every ache will turn into injury.

That’s why we’ve created the INJURY PREVENTION FOR RUNNERS mobile apps. These three mobile apps provide a new way to learn injury prevention skills - crafted by health professionals and runners … for runners. Powered by the MOVE Improve platform, each injury prevention skill is broken down into easily understood components that will make sure you understand and execute each technique well. 

Almost 60% of runners will experience an injury that will temporarily sideline them. That means dealing with the discomfort, disappointment and fear that comes with not being able to do an activity that once brought you so much joy. The thought that it would genuinely be easier to just give up and never run again and then the guilt that follows are emotions that every injured runner deals with. We don’t want that for you - we want to prevent the injury before it even happens. Because …

The reality is that most of these injuries are preventable when you create the right habits that focus on strengthening, increasing flexibility and proper technique.

The better understanding you have of how to properly prevent injury, the easier it will be to get rid of that fear. This application is designed with deep learning in mind. Not only does it provide the necessary skills, it takes you into the nitty gritty details of doing it right, as if you had a coach standing over your shoulder helping you. 

You will love Injury Prevention for Runners because it’s been created by runners who have gone through that fear and pain of getting injured doing something they love. We have taken that experience, figured out the best techniques to get through it and put it into an intuitive and research backed learning format. 


We feel so strongly that the INJURY PREVENTION FOR RUNNERS series of mobile apps will help people run without fear … we’re offering it FOR FREE to runners like yourself. We want to get this as widespread as possible and see how it transforms the runners in our community.

Just fill out the intake form, let us know a bit about yourself (and your concern with injury as a result of running), and get ready to receive the FREE DOWNLOAD!

Don’t you want to run WITHOUT FEAR?