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What are Fundamental Movement Skills? 

β€œThe development of fundamental movement skills and motor skills is critical to establishing the foundation for participation in many sports and physical activities.  A child who has not had the opportunity to develop these basic motor skills experiences difficulties or barriers when participating in sport experiences, or later school-based programs that involve more difficult skills.”
                               - Physical & Health Education Canada

Fundamental Movement Skills develop physical literacy, building the ground work for more complex skills to be learned later on. We have worked with industry experts to translate the Fundamental Movement Skills onto the Move Improve app to provide easy access to this curriculum and encourage physical literacy.

how does move improve work?

After downloading the Move Improve app, accessing the content is very easy. Simply tap the screen to start and view the full list of Fundamental Movement Skills. Tap the desired skill and watch the demo video. Film yourself or your partner and begin the evaluation. If you have any issues, please contact our support team using the form below.

how should i film myself/my partner for best results?

For the best results, film at a distance of approximately 5-7m, in landscape. Ensure the person being filmed is fully in the frame.

can I get Move Improve for my class/purchase in volume?

If you are an educational institution looking to purchase in volume, click here or contact your IT Department.

If you are a business/organization looking to purchase the Move Improve in volume, click here.

If you are looking for individual purchases, click here.

Are any other activities available from move improve?

Our Fundamental Movement Skills app is the first of many activities coming from Move Improve. We are currently working on content creation with a variety of industry experts. If you have an idea for a future Move Improve activity, contact us here.

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